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ATHERMAL Welding Protection Glass

ATHERMAL - the internationally approved welding filter from SCHOTT - offers excellent protection. The main features of ATHERMAL are: high optical quality, dimensional stability resistance to radiation, and scratch resistance. The agreeable grey-green color of ATHERMAL assures observation without eye fatigue. The ATHERMAL range offers the correct eye protection glass for every welding operation.

ATHERMAL with a gold mirror coating reflects an additional 90% of the infrared radiation (radiated heat) and reduces the amount of heat to which the eyes are exposed.

Clear your view for everything that causes damage to the eyes.

The eye is a natural high precision optical instrument. Nearly 90% of all sensations are perceived by the human eye. That is why the consequences of eye damage are especially severe.

During all welding and cutting operations a harmful optical radiation is emitted. The intensity of this radiation depends on the welding processes used and the melting temperatures. The correct selection and the appropriate use of a welding filter is the best way to protect eyes against damage.

Types of optical radiation and possible effects on the function of the eye
Optical radiation during welding Visible to the eye Direct effects on the eye Indirect effects on the eye
Ultraviolet radiation Invisible * Absorption of radiation by the cornea Painful corneal inflammation of keratitis and conjunctivitis
Visible radiation (light) Visible * Highly radiant intense glare Temporary reduction of visual acuity
Infrared radiation Invisible * Heating of the aqueous humor and the lens
* Lenticular opacity
* Burning of the retina
Permanent reduction of visual acuity leading to cataracts

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