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Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

This trap works on the Principle of Buoyancy. The Inverted Bucket Trap effectively discharges condensate at temperatures close to steam temperatures, by distinguishing between the densities of steam and condensate. Suitable for lifting condensate, and is unaffected by back-pressure or dirt or foreign matter in the condensate. The bucket remains buoyant in presence of steam thereby closing the valve and blocking steam and sinks when filled with condensate opening the valve and letting out condensate.

The Inverted Bucket Trap - Horizontal Type is available in:

Material of Construction : Cast Iron / Cast Steel for Body and Cover with all SS Internals.
End Connections : Screwed / Weld and Flanged ends to DIN / ASA150 / ASA300.
Sizes : 15mm - 25mm.
Rating : Pressure of 42 Bar; Temperature 425deg.c max.

IBR on request

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