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Nickel Screens
Pure Nickel Screens for Continuous Centrifugal Machines

At Dynaflex we use new generation laser plotter machines to create our photo-tools. These offer us greater flexibility and speed in creating different slot configuration and also takes care of final product quality because of higher density of laser plotting.

Electroforming process demands most vigilant process control monitoring systems for achieving the best final product quality and finish. Our team of engineers and technicians take care of this on round the clock basis with the help of most advanced electronic controls.

Quality control and Research and development is an on going process at Dynaflex, linked to daily operations. Our R&D team is constantly engaged in developing advanced electroforming processes and techniques to achieve the best product quality.

The mechanical properties of Nickel Screens mainly depends upon proper raw material selection and accurate process control systems.

We use 99.99% pure nickel as raw material for our screens. This helps us in maintaining the right mechanical properties such as mechanical stress, tensile strength and ductility.

Our “Hard Chromium Plating” facility is one of the most modern and largest in India fully dedicated to our own product.

Product Specifications
Base Material Dynaflex Screens are made from 99.99% pure Nickel
Hard Chrome Plating Dynaflex Screens have a hard chrome plating thickness of 10-12 microns on working face with a hardness of 700-900 on VPN Scale to increase product life.
Ductility Dynaflex Screens are highly ductile offering ease of handling and mounting.
Stressess Dynaflex Screens have a zero internal stresses which prevents deformation of the screens.
Weight Balancing Dynaflex Screens are perfectly balanced with a negligible weight difference of 3 to 5 grams

Models / Range Available Quantity Unit
 Dynaflex Nickel Screen NK 1100 / 30 deg.  

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